About this site

This site was built out of necessity.

We spent a long time searching the Internet trying to find stocks that did not carry any data on their balance sheet.  We wanted to find a list where all of the big companies trading on the stock exchanges without any debt would be listed. Instead, all we found were some articles featuring at most 5 debt free stocks. We decided to scan the markets using public stock screeners (mostly the Google finance screener) and them confirm the findings by looking at the balance sheet data on the finance.yahoo.com website. We do this because Google uses Reuters for its financial information and Yahoo! uses Capital IQ (a division of Standard and Poor’s), so we have two different sources.  We then provide you with a list of those companies with some of the current information, such as market cap, ratios and dividend yields.



Please note that when we say debt free, we mean very low long term debt. Some of those companies could be carrying some short term debt which is necessary in running a business http://viagrasstore.net/generic-viagra/. A company, like individuals, has bills coming in every month that needs to be paid. That’s why you may find short term liabilities on most of the companies featured here.

Also, some of those businesses could be hiding debt off their books through special purpose vehicles (a-la-Enron) or through some other kind of financial shenanigans. We do not dig through the annual report to find those. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH.

Since the data for foreign stocks is not readily available, the stocks featured here are all United States companies.

Also, some stock may be Debt Free and not featured on this list. We do our best to find most of them, but some may be left out involuntarily.

We also left out of the list the stocks that a low long-term debt, but a huge number of  “Other Liabilities”, as listed in Yahoo! Finance Balance Sheet tool.

WE ARE NOT registered brokers our financial analysts. We are just stock market enthusiasts who want to share our research with you. Please consult with your financial advisor or consult a professional before making an investment decision.

We do not recommend that you buy or sell any of the stocks featured on this page. The fact that a stock has no debt does not mean that it is or is not a good investment. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH.

We will not be held responsible in any way for the losses that you could have by buying or selling stocks.

We hope that you enjoy our site !